Clinical Services

Infant Neurodevelopmental Evaluation

Infant neurodevelopmental evaluations assess whether or not your child is meeting developmental milestones for their age. Results provide families with recommendations to support development of age-appropriate abilities. 

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Preschool Neurodevelopmental Evaluation

Preschool neurodevelopmental evaluations assess a child’s abilities, and can be used to determine whether a child is ready to attend kindergarten. 

Pediatric (School-Aged) Neuropsychological Evaluation

Pediatric neuropsychological evaluations assess a child’s thinking, learning and behavior. These evaluations are commonly sought by parents concerned for learning disabilities, attentional disorders, and/or significant changes to mood or behavior.

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Adult Neuropsychological Evaluation

Adult neuropsychological evaluations are conducted when there are changes to thinking, attention, work performance, among many other reasons. This evaluation provides an in-depth look at all the ways the brain is working, and provides recommendations, as needed to support ongoing success. 

Geriatric (Older Adult) Neuropsychological Evaluation

Geriatric neuropsychological evaluations can be invaluable if a parent or loved one is starting to show signs of confusion, changes to personality, or loss of memory. Evaluations determine the presence of dementia or cognitive change, and provide a roadmap for how to navigate these changes.