Infant Neurodevelopmental Evaluations

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What to expect:

An infant neurodevelopmental evaluation assesses whether or not your child is attaining developmental milestones in an age-appropriate way.  

While some parents prefer to “wait and see” if their child catches up to peers, it is best to seek out an evaluation if you have concerns. The earlier the intervention, the more success we observe. Infant neurodevelopment evaluations can answer questions such as:

  1. Is my child developing typically and on track with meeting their developmental milestones?
  2. I’ve noticed other children are able to do things my child cannot. Should I be worried?
  3. How will my child’s medical condition impact them as they get older, and what can I do to set them up for success now?

Through a combination of parent interviews and structured play activities, Dr. Ghilain will assess your baby’s:

  •  Receptive Language
  •  Expressive Language
  •  Visual Perception
  •  Fine Motor Skills
  •  Gross Motor Skills
Following the evaluation, Dr. Ghilain will provide recommendations for home, school, and community-based supports, if needed. She will also make referrals to other professionals who can help support your child’s ongoing success. This may include physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), speech/language therapists (SLTs), neurologists, psychologists or other medical professionals.