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A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of how your brain is working. I often say, if the brain does it, I look at it during the evaluation.

The process can be understood as 3 parts:

  1. Intake Interview: during this time, you meet with Dr. Ghilain to discuss the concerns you have or changes you’ve noticed. She will also gather relevant background history (medical, family, educational, etc.).
  2. Testing: the client spends a full day with Dr. Ghilain completing paper and pencil tasks, tasks on a computer or tablet, as well as filling out questionnaires. It is during this time that Dr. Ghilain evaluates the following abilities:
    • Language
    • Visual Perception
    • Attention
    • Speed of Processing
    • Executive Functioning (planning, organizing, self-monitoring, impulse control)
    • Memory
    • Academic (children) / Vocational (adults)
    • Motor
    • Emotional/Behavioral/Personality
    • Adaptive Skills (independence with daily tasks)
  3. Feedback: about 1-2 weeks after testing, Dr. Ghilain provides you with an in-depth report. It includes a summary of the background information provided during the intake interview, a comprehensive review of all testing results, any diagnoses that are warranted, and recommendations for home, school/vocational and community-based supports.